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A Solid Gold Nugget

I saw mention of this Piver Nugget restoration at Small Trimarans.

Sailing into history; restored trimaran on bay again after 39 years

The 24-foot, multi-hulled sailboat Kaija was built by Kurt Larsen of Pleasure Point in 1964, stored for almost 40 years and given to Niels Kisling of Capitola two years ago.

Kisling, a historian for the Santa Cruz Yacht Club and board member of the Capitola Historical Museum, held court Sunday at a…

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Der Kanu Mann

Der Kanu Mann is René Richard Hohmann, a German boatbuilder/artist who is building Pacific proas like Stradivarius built violins. If you’re into wood working perfection and sailing canoes (and who isn’t?) then these examples are masterpieces. See more of his work at

There is a curious German affinity for the canoes of Oceania that perhaps harken back to an unwanted gift:

In 1900-1930, one in twenty of all postcards of…

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CLC Madness Photo Shoot

John Harris of CLC has shared some new photos of the screaming yellow proa, Madness.

I’ve enjoyed proa sailing this spring in all kinds of conditions, mostly on the rougher side.  This year, with all the rigging sorted out and the happy addition of a #3 jib, covering distances at double-digit speeds is a revelation.  The Chesapeake Bay really shrinks once 10 knots starts to feel slow and boring. 

It is terribly difficult to get…


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Not Your AWB

Thomas Heatherwick explains a boat design commission to transport tourists and locals along the Loire river between Nantes and Saint-Nazaire.

Unlike a traditional two-hulled catamaran, the boat will have a single hull that folds back on itself and stretches over to form an infinite loop. This makes space for two diagonal viewing decks from which passengers can look out towards works of art along the river banks.

Thanks to Paul D. for…


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Self Righting Ocean Rowing Trimaran for the Tasman Sea

A new ocean rowing trimaran has been unveiled that will attempt a trans-Tasman crossing early next year - from Hokianga to Queensland, and back. Designed by New Zealand firm Lomocean, who also did the MS Turanor PlanetSolar, the boat is claimed to be the world’s first self-righting trimaran.

Their brief was to create something with speed in mind. A trimaran is quick, but presents one major problem.
“It’s quite likely he’ll be rolled in…

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Thinking outside the triangle

Here are a couple of new boat designs with rigs that harken back to the days of working sail. The trimaran is a Dick Newick design for a cargo/passenger lug rigged schooner, for the Vaka Fanāua project, the second is a 60m yacht designed to evoke the romantic image of a dhow.

The lug rig was a favorite of Phil Bolger because it combines short spars, sturdiness, simplicity, thrift and aerodynamic power. The first five of these virtues…

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David Keiper’s Williwaw

Using archival footage, the Int’l Hydrofoil Society has made a short video of David Keiper’s hydrofoil trimaran Williwaw. David built the first flying hydrofoil cruising sailboat in 1970 and subsequently cruised her all over the Pacific. The boat and the voyages are detailed in Keiper’s Hydrofoil Voyager, which is being republished on Amazon this summer.



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Renaissance of Lady Godiva

The first sail of Lady Godiva in a quarter century. The Richard Newick designed proa was built in Martha’s Vinyard by Rory Nugent, for the 1980 OSTAR. Now owned by Anne and Paul Buttin.

Thanks to Frederic M. and Golden Oldies Multihulls for the submission.



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Early Cat Racing in California

Before Steve and Linda Dashew became famous for their innovative blue water cruising yachts, both power and sail, they raced catamarans at the center of the growing multihull movement - Southern California in the early 60’s. Steve has put up a page at Set Sail with some great archival images of the catamaran racing scene back in the day. Rudy Choy, Warren Seaman, Bob Reese, Mickey Munoz, Phil Edwards, they knew and raced them all. Go…

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