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Testing the crab claw sail

Nicholas Schneider sent in some results of his crab claw rig experiments. Thanks Nic!

These are qualitative studies of slender foils and leading edge vortices for sailing craft.  The results of these experiments, suffering from improvised input and variable conditions were good enough to inspire further work but produced more questions than answers.

Description of rigs in drawings:

  • A. Original Sunfish rig, large camber, high…
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    Samwise - there and back again

    Samwise is a minimalist cruising proa, which is really the only kind of proa there should be, IMHO. The only thing not minimal is the performance - the proa’s raison d’etre. The basic idea is reliable and cozy camp cruising in the Pacific NW - where the water is generally frigid and the air is generally tolerable.

    Sam’s godfathers include Matt Layden’s Paradox and Rob Denney’s Harry, while a host of uncles include Phil Bolger, Peter…

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    Sailing over melting ice

    Something about this project has captured my imagination - Sébastien Roubinet is attempting to sail the Northwest Passage (Alaska to Greenland) this summer - yea, SAIL it! Thus far, only nuclear subs and diesel-powered ice-breakers have managed the fabled voyage (a voyage that inspired many an explorer, including Captain Cook’s Third Voyage (thanks to Peter for the correction), who met his bloody end in Hawaii - “stoned” by the irate…

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    FatCat 21

    Chris Ostlind presents a catamaran design for plywood stitch and glue construction that continues the Manu Kai theme.

    Just a few months back, our Proafile host, Michael Schacht, introduced a set of concept illustrations for a very nice, 23’ Hawaiian flavored catamaran called Manu Kai.

    Michael’s vision was at once elegant in the manner in which it honored traditionally styled Hawaiian sailing vessels and it provided a set of unique…

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    New canoes from Selway Fisher

    Prolific English designer Paul Fisher at Selway Fisher has some new stock canoe designs of interest to Proafile readers:

    18’ stitch and tape Waka Ama (Hawaiian outrigger canoe) LOA 18’ (5.49m);  Main hull beam 1’7” (0.49m); Overall beam 5’11” (1.8m) Approx. wht 140 lbs (64kg) in 6mm ply.

    Tikopian 24 - based on the 18’ Waka Ama and uses the same stitch and tape plywood construction process. She has 4 seats plus stowage compartments…

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    SIG 45 performance cruising cat

    Le Breton Yachts is promoting an interesting project: the SIG 45 performance cruising catamaran. Interesting to me, because it is one of the first legit multihull attempts to play in the Wally sector: very refined, very stylish, very fast, and very expensive. The design guns are high calibre: Van Peteghem Lauriot Prevost (VPLP), Bjorn Johansson for the interior, and even Bruno Peyron as technical consultant. The impetus or the yard…


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    Palindrome - the land proa

    Chris Luomanen describes the world’s first and only proa on wheels!

    The land proa was a mad last minute dash to the finish for 2 quarters worth of thesis work I did around "Joy Rides".  The idea was to create unexpected experiences—things you had to try to understand.  All of these were developed as working prototypes. The projects included:

    Centipede Board: a skateboard with 11 fixed roller blade wheels on the bottom that you turned…


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    High performance outrigger part 2

    Sam Frosh’s practical sailing experience leads him to believe that the tacking proa is not a realistic or sensible design when used in higher winds.

    In September I had my contribution appear in Proafile regarding the design and construction of my tacking proa or more correctly, outrigger sailing craft. Since that article I have sailed my boat in the strongest wind conditions that I had taken it out thus far, around 18 to 20 knots.…


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    High performance outrigger part 1

    Sam Frosh reports on the design and construction of an outrigger Moth!

    After more than two decades sailing, designing and building sailboards including a six metre long tandem I decided to go back to my sailing roots, that is a Moth dinghy. However I needed a craft for two as my son has accompanied me on my sailing journey for the last 20 years. The other problem was that when I last sailed Australian Moths they were 1.3 metre wide…


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    New Zealand on 100 snails a day

    Tim Anderson has posted another canoe sailing adventure - this time from New Zealand. As usual, he nearly dies a few times (infection and hypothermia), lives on snails and oatmeal, experiences altered states of consciousness, camps where he shouldn’t, meets interesting locals, and returns home with stomach parasites. Hard not to envy him. This time he sails Gary Dierking’s Ulua, which is practically a yacht compared to his previous…

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