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M. W. Schacht



Junk Rigged Tacking Proa in Sweden

boatbuilding : proas


It’s not every day you find a junk rigged single outrigger yacht cruising the fjords of Scandinavia! This example is from Röda Möllan Sweden. Akka is 36’ (11m) of pure wooden proa porn, featuring a spindle-shaped hull with a NACA 0066 profile, schooner junk rig, Bruce foil (hydrofoil) equipped ama, hobbit house-like wooden interior and enough chrome and varnish to make a Riva jealous. See more in the Forums: Junk rigged Tacking Proa from Röda Möllan Sweden. Special thanks to Johannes for posting the thread.

Posted: 28/Feb/2013


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aerohydro said:

It’s cool, but would be so much cooler if the junk rigs were replaced with a pair of Onesails Ori Wing Sails (http://www.onesails.com/wingsails.php). wink

Posted: 05 Mar 2013 - 10:29