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M. W. Schacht



22-Feb 2017

James Wharram Articles

James Wharram Designs Amatasi Launched


The team of James Wharram and Hanneke Boon launched their latest child, Amatasi, on Oct. 12, 2011. The award winning design, a 27’ double canoe is intended to be a practical and sustainable coastal fishing boat. As a proa designer, I certainly appreciate the elegance of the fine canoe sterns on this design, though I do find it somewhat ironic that it embraces the quarter rudder for steering, a design that harkens back to Viking long ships and even before. Modern proas sometimes use quarter rudders out of necessity because the bows and sterns must be identical. Many a time have I wished for a stern that remained a stern, so that a proper rudder could be hung.

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Posted: 12/Nov/2011 | 0 Comments