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M. W. Schacht



18-Nov 2017

Ideas Articles

Bit&Kontell Outrigger Pocket Cruiser

designers : proas img

Yann Quenet has come up with a design for an 18’ sailing outrigger with some features we really like for a minimal multihull pocket cruiser.

Bit&Kontell 5.50: “Not really a cat or a tri or a proa, cruise freely combining storage volumes and light, and space for a kayak or various boards.”

He’s put the outrigger ama to good use, with the daggerboard and mizzen mounted there, as well as providing a big hatch and enough volume to carry a significant amount of stores. We also like the simple standing lug rig, and the kayak as “safety ama”.

Thanks to Robert W. at Volkscruiser for the link.

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Posted: 24/Apr/2014 | 0 Comments

Proafile Forums Spring Update

boatbuilding : concepts : proas img

Spring is in the air here in the northern latitudes - the ice is melting, trees are budding, and the forums are becoming more active. Some recent threads of interest:

Bionic Broomstick: Skip launched his 14’ proa on March 13 at Lake Somerville, Texas, for a successful first sail (nothing broke!). The boat is highly experimental and features a buoyant “floil”, stem mounted rudders and a cambered panel staysail. The Broomstick is Skip’s test platform for a larger camp cruising proa.

Simplest Proa Rudders: Dave Culp muses on how to achieve counter-rotating rudders with a minimum of moving parts. A great thread that has taken a life of it’s own via the creative solutions presented by forum members.

Herbie: The Volkscruiser Proa: Your editor attempts the impossible: a simple, safe and fast multihull that is also cheap and easy to build. It is a proa, of course.

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Posted: 16/Mar/2014 | 0 Comments

Wind Powered Food Truck

Not Your AWB

catamarans : designers img

Thomas Heatherwick explains a boat design commission to transport tourists and locals along the Loire river between Nantes and Saint-Nazaire.

Unlike a traditional two-hulled catamaran, the boat will have a single hull that folds back on itself and stretches over to form an infinite loop. This makes space for two diagonal viewing decks from which passengers can look out towards works of art along the river banks.

Thanks to Paul D. for the link.

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Posted: 18/Jun/2012 | 0 Comments

Thinking Outside the Triangle

Can Your Trimaran Do This?

boatbuilding : designers : frank smoot : smallcraft : trimarans img

Frank Smoot is the ultimate DIY sailor. He began his sailboat design career in 2009 with this and has progressed to this in only two years. His latest is the most ingenious small trimaran I’ve ever seen. If he continues at his Moore’s Law rate of improvement he should be building America’s Cuppers out of plywood/epoxy in about 6 months. Story via Small Trimarans. See more at DIY-Tris.com

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Posted: 20/Jan/2012 | 2 Comments

The Golden Gate - Mini Camper

designers : jay nelson : smallcraft img

I found this electric-powered mini-camper by architect Jay Nelson at Tiny House Blog. I like the faceted, polyhedron style, all done up in plywood, plexiglass and epoxy. See more of his work at JayNelsonArt.com

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Posted: 15/Jan/2012 | 3 Comments

The ArcSail Proa

The Life Pneumatic

catamarans : kurt heiligenmann : smartkat img

I have a longstanding interest in pneumatic (pressurized) engineering structures. Blame it on Jacques Cousteau and his Zodiacs making a strong impression at an early age. For boats, inflatable hulls make all kinds of sense, being unusually light, strong, tough, and repairable. I even made a concept sketch of an inflatable hulled proa.

Here is Kurt Heiligenmann’s design for an inflatable beach cat - the Smartkat. Hate the name (I always hated the Smart Car because it implied that whoever purchased it was also “smart” and conversely, those of us who didn’t were less so), but this boat really IS brilliant. A 14’, 93 lb. rocket that fits into two canvas bags - store your beach cat in the closet, under the bed, or take it on your next flight to Ibiza.

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Posted: 02/Dec/2011 | 1 Comments