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M. W. Schacht



18-Nov 2017

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Proafile Forums Spring Update

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Spring is in the air here in the northern latitudes - the ice is melting, trees are budding, and the forums are becoming more active. Some recent threads of interest:

Bionic Broomstick: Skip launched his 14’ proa on March 13 at Lake Somerville, Texas, for a successful first sail (nothing broke!). The boat is highly experimental and features a buoyant “floil”, stem mounted rudders and a cambered panel staysail. The Broomstick is Skip’s test platform for a larger camp cruising proa.

Simplest Proa Rudders: Dave Culp muses on how to achieve counter-rotating rudders with a minimum of moving parts. A great thread that has taken a life of it’s own via the creative solutions presented by forum members.

Herbie: The Volkscruiser Proa: Your editor attempts the impossible: a simple, safe and fast multihull that is also cheap and easy to build. It is a proa, of course.

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Posted: 16/Mar/2014 | 0 Comments

Va’a Motu, a Tahitian Sailing Canoe

Twin Towers

Renaissance of Lady Godiva

Footprint - Where No Boat Has Gone Before

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I’m conflicted. On the one hand, Footprint Boats is doing everything right:

The Footprint Boat was created to revolutionize the boating world… Using a form must follow function philosophy, this design focuses on what it must do, not how it should look. The Footprint Boat is a lightweight, low maintenance, fuel efficient, affordable “working man’s yacht.”

On the other hand, well… look at it! Considering all this yacht can do, all the while sipping teaspoons of fuel, I do see a certain empirical, practical beauty, but it takes seeing her without eyes, if you catch my drift. I think I’d paint NCC-1701/7 on the side just to nip all the shuttlecraft jokes in the bud.

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Posted: 24/Jan/2012 | 4 Comments

James Wharram Designs Amatasi Launched

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The team of James Wharram and Hanneke Boon launched their latest child, Amatasi, on Oct. 12, 2011. The award winning design, a 27’ double canoe is intended to be a practical and sustainable coastal fishing boat. As a proa designer, I certainly appreciate the elegance of the fine canoe sterns on this design, though I do find it somewhat ironic that it embraces the quarter rudder for steering, a design that harkens back to Viking long ships and even before. Modern proas sometimes use quarter rudders out of necessity because the bows and sterns must be identical. Many a time have I wished for a stern that remained a stern, so that a proper rudder could be hung.

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Posted: 12/Nov/2011 | 0 Comments

Va’a Motu, a Tahitian Style Outrigger Canoe

One Step Beyond

john harris : madness : proas img

John Harris of CLC announces the launch of Madness on Sept. 24, into a tributary of Chesapeake Bay. Madness is a 31’ racing/cruising proa designed by John with input from proa Jedi Master Russell Brown. The vessel was begun in the Chesapeake Light Craft shop and completed at Sea Island Boatworks in Charleston, NC. More pics and videos after the jump.

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Posted: 28/Oct/2011 | 1 Comments

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