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M. W. Schacht



18-Nov 2017

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Proa CHEERS Posters Benefit

designers : proas : richard newick img

Russell Brown at Port Townsend Watercraft is now offering posters of CHEERS to benefit the Newick family. It is a painting by Bruce Alderson depicting the proa in action, racing singlehanded across the North Atlantic in 1968. This is my favorite image of the most famous modern proa in history. The posters belonged to the late Richard C. Newick, and are in limited supply. Find out more here.

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Posted: 18/Apr/2014 | 0 Comments

Proafile Forums Spring Update

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Spring is in the air here in the northern latitudes - the ice is melting, trees are budding, and the forums are becoming more active. Some recent threads of interest:

Bionic Broomstick: Skip launched his 14’ proa on March 13 at Lake Somerville, Texas, for a successful first sail (nothing broke!). The boat is highly experimental and features a buoyant “floil”, stem mounted rudders and a cambered panel staysail. The Broomstick is Skip’s test platform for a larger camp cruising proa.

Simplest Proa Rudders: Dave Culp muses on how to achieve counter-rotating rudders with a minimum of moving parts. A great thread that has taken a life of it’s own via the creative solutions presented by forum members.

Herbie: The Volkscruiser Proa: Your editor attempts the impossible: a simple, safe and fast multihull that is also cheap and easy to build. It is a proa, of course.

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Posted: 16/Mar/2014 | 0 Comments

Outrigger Junior from CLC

A Cunning Plan

designers : paul bieker : proas : russell brown img

Paul Bieker has announced that study plans are now available for the 32’ Jester class proa - a collaboration between himself and Russell Brown. This design has already got the interest meter pegged in the forums and this will only turn it up to eleven.

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Posted: 23/Dec/2013 | 4 Comments

50’ Proa by Julien Marin

proas img

This intriguing Pacific proa is from the board of French naval architect Julien Marin. LIttle is known about the design except it is 50’ long and the cassette rudders sit in rotating cylinders, permitting an adjustable draft while maintaining rudder control.

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Posted: 25/Nov/2013 | 1 Comments

Wind Powered Food Truck

RIP Richard Newick

Proa Night at NWMA

A Solid Gold Nugget

arthur piver : designers : trimarans img

I saw mention of this Piver Nugget restoration at Small Trimarans.

Sailing into history; restored trimaran on bay again after 39 years

The 24-foot, multi-hulled sailboat Kaija was built by Kurt Larsen of Pleasure Point in 1964, stored for almost 40 years and given to Niels Kisling of Capitola two years ago.

Kisling, a historian for the Santa Cruz Yacht Club and board member of the Capitola Historical Museum, held court Sunday at a relaunch party outside the yacht club.

Isn’t it great that multihulls are getting to the age where they are deemed worthy of restoration? Just think, that old Piver rotting out back of your marina might be the equivalent of finding a Duesenberg in your grandfather’s barn. Well, maybe not a Duesenberg, but certainly a Model T.

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Posted: 22/Oct/2012 | 1 Comments