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M. W. Schacht



18-Nov 2017

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Proafile Forum Winter Update

proas img

The Proafile Forum has some interesting threads we’d like to point you toward if you are so inclined. This is just a teaser, head to the forums to check it all out.

Skylark: A Dymaxion Yacht. Your editor asks the question: “What would Bucky Do?” and finds an enclosed teardrop, aluminum, wingsailed proa in the answer.

Wingsails on Proas! Inspired by the circular cam of Peter Worsley’s wingsails, members are hard at work adopting the concept to shunting craft.

Proud Mary. Discussion of home designed and built shunting proa, inspired by traditional Marshall Islands asymmetric hull proas and Bolger’s “minimum proa” concept. Plywood/epoxy construction, no boards, a steering oar, and “Gibbons” sailing rig with 9m kite as sail. Doesn’t get much more zen than this.

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Posted: 27/Jan/2014 | 0 Comments

Golden Oldies Trophy 2013

The Proas of John Pizzey - Part 3

The Proas of John Pizzey - Part 2

The Proas of John Pizzey - Part 1

Der Kanu Mann

Mellow Yellow Madness

designers : john harris : madness : proas img

John Harris of CLC has shared some new photos of the screaming yellow proa, Madness.

I’ve enjoyed proa sailing this spring in all kinds of conditions, mostly on the rougher side.  This year, with all the rigging sorted out and the happy addition of a #3 jib, covering distances at double-digit speeds is a revelation.  The Chesapeake Bay really shrinks once 10 knots starts to feel slow and boring.


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Posted: 26/Jun/2012 | 4 Comments

Baltic Proa Congress 2012

The ArcSail Proa