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Can your trimaran do this?

“Dr. Frank” Smoot is the ultimate DIY sailor. He began his sailboat design career in 2009 with this and has progressed to this in only two years. His latest is the most ingenious small trimaran I’ve ever seen. If he continues at his Moore’s Law rate of improvement he should be building America’s Cuppers out of plywood/epoxy in about 6 months.

I want to make it clear right up front that I am definitely not a professional boat builder…

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Golden Gate mini camper

I found this electric-powered mini-camper by architect Jay Nelson at Tiny House Blog. I like the faceted, polyhedron style, all done up in plywood, plexiglass and epoxy. See more of his work (including a mini-camper boat) at

His “Golden Gate” electric camper car is made from a combination of plywood, glass, fiberglass, expoxy resin, bicycle parts and powered by an electric motor. The Golden Gate measures 96″x54″x64″,…

Golden Gate

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The ArcSail Proa

Malcolm Smith always has something really tasty cooking in his workshop. His latest project is a force-balanced design utilizing a ‘ring wing’ that he calls the ArcSail. The concept has huge potential for boats both large and small, and I’m very pleased that Malcolm has opted to share it with us at Proa File -Editor

I have a long time fascination with sailing boat configurations that minimize heeling moment, due to their potential for…

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