26 June 2012     0 comments.

CLC Madness Photo Shoot

John Harris of CLC has shared some new photos of the screaming yellow proa, Madness.

I’ve enjoyed proa sailing this spring in all kinds of conditions, mostly on the rougher side.  This year, with all the rigging sorted out and the happy addition of a #3 jib, covering distances at double-digit speeds is a revelation.  The Chesapeake Bay really shrinks once 10 knots starts to feel slow and boring. 

It is terribly difficult to get…


18 June 2012     0 comments.

Not Your AWB

Thomas Heatherwick explains a boat design commission to transport tourists and locals along the Loire river between Nantes and Saint-Nazaire.

Unlike a traditional two-hulled catamaran, the boat will have a single hull that folds back on itself and stretches over to form an infinite loop. This makes space for two diagonal viewing decks from which passengers can look out towards works of art along the river banks.

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