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Wind Powered Food Truck

Not multihull or America’s Cup, but probably the most inspiring sailing story of the year:

“…Seeking a more sustainable way to get his grain to market, the Vermont farmer Erik Andrus conceived the Vermont Sail Freight Project to find out if this model could work again today. In April, he raised more than $15,000 on Kickstarter to build a 39-foot-long plywood sail barge named Ceres (after the Roman goddess of agriculture)...

The boat,…

Vermont sail project

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RIP Richard Newick

Last night, Richard C. Newick, one of the great multihull pioneers, passed away. The father of so many brilliant designs, but to a proa obsessed mind, he stands apart because of CHEERS, the “giant slaying” proa of the 1968 OSTAR.

Dick often talked about how in a previous life he must have been a Polynesian outrigger canoe designer, and perhaps that is the best explanation for his gifts. We can only imagine what sort of vessels he…

Richard Newick

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Golden Oldies Trophy 2013

Frederic Monsonnec reports on the annual meet up of classic racing multihulls and the people who love them - from Sète in the south of France. ~Editor

Every year since 2005, many French sailors passionate about “old multihulls”, but also Spanish, English… meet in the Mediterranean around their boats. These “fans” are members of the association “Golden Oldies Multihulls” (you can find an English page and many pictures and video on the

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Va’a Motu, a Tahitian Sailing Canoe

Gary Dierking has completed plans for his new Va’a Motu, a 20’ Tahitian-style sailing outrigger canoe. As usual for Gary Dierking’s work, the boat is a clever amalgam of traditional Pacific design and modern construction materials and methods. The canoe features a low, wave-piercing bow and a tall, upswept stern, wave-piercing ama, and a high aspect, fully battened marconi rig. Plans are US $135.00 plus $15.00 for international air…

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Outrigger Junk Woodie in Sweden

It’s not every day you find a junk rigged single outrigger yacht cruising the fjords of Scandinavia! This example is from Röda Möllan Sweden. Akka is 36’ (11m) of pure wooden proa porn, featuring a spindle-shaped hull with a NACA 0066 profile, schooner junk rig, Bruce foil (hydrofoil) equipped ama, hobbit house-like wooden interior and enough chrome and varnish to make a Riva jealous. See more in the Forums: Junk rigged Tacking Proa…


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The Proas of John Pizzey - Part 3

I started writing for Proafile because over the years I had seen several comments about this mysterious Mr. Pizzey! No mystery really, just a lack of information, so I thought I should rectify that and record my proa adventures. By the time I had finished putting pen to paper and thinking about what I was writing, my new design became clear as it had to meet the objectives I put down in writing. The design has been done conceptually…

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The Proas of John Pizzey - Part 2

My introduction to modern proas, after designing, building and sailing my offshore catamarans, was aboard Tony Williams’ proa. It worked extremely well, was fast, fun and controllable but a bit complex in its rig.  However it scored with no rudders or centreboard and was steered very effectively by the sail which was set on a spar with a central boom at the end of a gantry like mast. I grew fond of that sail arrangement and endeavoured…

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Proaler Skate

To remind us that not all proas are watercraft, we exhibit the 1958 Zündapp Janus. This tiny treasure is part of the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum, which is contracting with RM Auctions to liquidate its inventory, with just under 200 Microcars to be auctioned off without reserve over two days.

Lot 248, the 1958 Zündapp Janus, stands out as strange, even among a field of curiosities at auction. Like its namesake, the Janus appears to…


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The Proas of John Pizzey - Part 1

John Pizzey may be an unfamiliar name to proanauts outside Australia, but we hope to correct that. John has been experimenting with proas as long or longer than any modern inventor, and he has an immense body of both practical and theoretical knowledge to share. Proafile is pleased to present the first article in a series, authored by John Pizzey. ~Editor

A few thoughts on cruising proas after many years absent from sailing them but…

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Archival video of CHEERS

Archival video footage of some golden oldie multihulls, including CHEERS sailing in Newport after finishing third in the 1968 OSTAR. Proaporn begins at 7:20.

1968’s London’s OSTAR (Observer Single-Handed Trans-Atlantic Race) featured a large fleet of capable entrants, mostly traditional monohull types with a few of the relatively newer multihull yachts mixed in. Among the latter group was a little yellow proa designed by Dick…