17’ Balinese Jukung in Victoria, BC

09 September 2014     Editor    3 Comments.

Here is a 17’ Balinese double outrigger canoe available in Victoria, BC, Canada. From the seller:

17’ Balinese Jukung can be sailed or paddled. This is a very rare opportunity to own an original imported hand made Bali double outrigger dugout canoe with a large carrying capacity & great stability and speed in the ocean. Add a small motor for more versitality. Can be disassembled for transport. This a beautifully sculpted Natural mahogany treasure.

Find it here on Craigslist for $1500 obo.

Thanks to Galen P. for the submission.

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10 Sep - 05:55

Paul de Paiva

Only 17 feet long , but I bet it's HEAVY

15 Sep - 02:06


Looks a little like a Makah whaling canoe with training wheels... Sure it would be a great little craft for mooching salmon

18 Sep - 17:07


Now that's a figurehead! A beautiful boat, at a throw away price. Wow!