A Practical Proa

07 October 2017     Editor    0 Comments.

French designer Jérôme Delaunay has completed plans for a 9.9m (32’-6”) cruising proa named VAKA 990. It is a “pacific” type that includes four berths, a WC and some storage. The proa features a free-standing schooner rig of 37.25 m2 (400 sq. ft.) and central daggerboard in the main hull. Steering is via outboard mounted (Viking-style) rudders fore and aft. The central accommodations pod extends out to leeward to function as “anti-capsize” buoyancy at angles of heel over 30°. Construction is plywood/epoxy. In some views there appears to be a hatch with bubble canopy in the ama which could provide an enclosed helm position.

If ever a proa could be called simple, practical and conservative, the VAKA 990 would be it. Plans are available here for €600. Read more about Delaunay’s work on Facebook and Nautline.

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