Angus Rowcruiser

21 May 2011     Editor    0 Comments.

Angus Rowboats have completed their latest project - a coastal cruising rowboat. 19’ stitch and glue ply, 175 lb. fully rigged, the boat features an enclosed bunk, a clever cockpit table and galley, and small floats that attach to the rowing outriggers to create a stable platform for lounging and cooking while at anchor.

To make a rowing boat that could have the comfort of a small cruising sailboat, yet offer the performance of a small sleek sea kayak (in all kinds of weather conditions), we really had to focus on miniaturization. The cabin had to be low, the boat light, and the camping accessories small and stow-able. The goal was to have a boat that could row well, yet be a comfortable home when anchored. It needed to be seaworthy enough to voyage in gale-force conditions, be unsinkable, and still be pretty. After taking the boat on her maiden camping voyage last week, we were pleased that it performed just as we’d hoped.

Via 1001 Boats

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