Can your trimaran do this?

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“Dr. Frank” Smoot is the ultimate DIY sailor. He began his sailboat design career in 2009 with this and has progressed to this in only two years. His latest is the most ingenious small trimaran I’ve ever seen. If he continues at his Moore’s Law rate of improvement he should be building America’s Cuppers out of plywood/epoxy in about 6 months.

I want to make it clear right up front that I am definitely not a professional boat builder or designer. I have no training in either of those fine arts. Everything I know, and everything you’ll see here, is purely the result of trial and error (lots and lots of error…). So why did I create this site for small trimarans? Because…

In 2009)  got hooked on sailing when a Sunfish blew past my kayak…
Then—after we dumped our monohull in a lake—I got hooked on the stability of multihulls…
Then I discovered that the trimarans I could build were both quicker and more stable than any of the catamarans I had previously built.

And of course, any sailboat that goes 12-15 mph, sits flat, handles great, rides dry, takes 10-12 minutes for one person to assemble and rig, and costs less than $1000 to build—well, it just can’t be beat!

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