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21 February 2015     Editor    4 Comments.

The 41’ Invictus is a nice example of a ‘70’s era multihull that was moored at Shilshole Marina in Seattle for many years. It was actively campaigned in local races, with the sugar scoop transom extension being a later mod for more speed. Sadly, it appears that Invictus has run into some hard times and is now being offered for scrap.

Even though the boat is old and apparently decrepit, it has nice bones with a fine hull, high wing clearance and a low doghouse, certainly a step up from the more usual Piver of the era. If any readers with some local knowledge would care to comment, it would be interesting to know more about the history of the boat and it’s owner. Find it here on Craigslist in Seattle.

I’m currently selling and/or scrapping a 41’ hand-built trimaran. It is in pretty bad shape and has not been used in years. I would like to get rid of it as soon as possible, but I am looking to extend offers to others who may find use out of some of it’s parts. The owner of the trimaran, who is no longer able to maintain it, once described it as being a “heavy, old, amateur designed, home built, cruising trimaran, which (I) designed. . ..Yes, the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.”

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26 Feb - 20:11


Invictus was ahead of it's time when built and has always been a good looking and fast boat. Larry Christiansen built it in California ( I think) and raced and cruised it for 40 some years. Haven't seen Larry for some time, but he sailed with me in New Zealand in 02. Hope he's okay, Russell

02 Mar - 19:21


I heard today that Invictus may not be ready to scrap quite yet. Was sailing recently. It could be worth checking out.

02 Mar - 19:40


Thanks for the info, Russell. This boat would be a perfect restoration project at Boat Haven. Do we know anyone who needs a cool retro cruiser/racer trimaran?

16 Mar - 02:16


I would restore her. I am Terry from Florida and have saved a boat or two from demise smile