Hydrofoil Cruiser

11 July 2014     Editor    1 Comments.

Paul Bieker has announced this interesting new design on the Biekerboats blog. The foils resemble what is quickly becoming the standard on high performance race boats such as the A-class. We don’t think the B53 is intended to completely fly both hulls with this set up - the foils reduce displacement and provide dynamic stability.

Introducing the B53 high-performance cruising cat, just beginning construction at Gold Coast Yachts in the US Virgin Islands for a veteran Seattle sailing couple.

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08 Feb - 13:01

zan marquis

would it be possible to design and build a 60 foot racer-cruiser trimaran that could hydroplane on the water with lifting foils? safe offshore light weight luxury interior that could be single handed for daysails. has this ever been done? who could design it? build it? what would be approx cost ? thank you