James Wharram Designs Mana 24

08 October 2014     Editor    2 Comments.

James Wharram Designs has a new boat on the drawing board, a 24’ trailerable catamaran that slots nicely between the venerable Tiki 21 and 26. The Mana 24 features some new wrinkles in the Wharram design evolution spiral, most noticeably a chined hull. The new design also features a cat ketch rig, which is well known on trailerable monohulls, and it is interesting to see it employed on a cat. No jibs means no head stay tension, giving light mast compression loads, allowing lighter beams. The spiral at work!

The most economical way to enjoy sailing is to build your own small lightweight boat, to keep it at home and trail it to the waters you want to sail in. This gives opportunity to explore many more sailing areas than if based on a permanent mooring and at much lower cost. Whilst exploring this idea I am looking sideways into the world of camping and the living equipment you need for a camping holiday bought at a reasonable price, as against highly priced yachting equipment. All these ideas have come together, resulting in the new MANA 24 design, a catamaran specifically designed for trailer sailing. ~James Wharram

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11 Oct - 17:40


having a look at my melanesia plans (same hull shape as tahiti wayfarer) these hulls seem to be more or less identical with the tiki skeg and rudders added.

28 Oct - 15:46


An attractive design, for sure, but being trailable in its disassembled state does not make it a trailer-sailer. I can't wait for the unedited 'how-to' launching video to come out. It should be a hoot to watch!