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26 November 2011    Editor    0 Comments

Russell Brown has posted a new (Sept. 2011) video to the PT Watercraft Channel on Youtube. It features some excellent sailing footage of his proa Jzerro, as well as some running shots of a cool power outrigger that Russell designed for a friend to use as an aquatic pick up truck in the islands. The outrigger is powered by a 20hp outboard and goes about 18 knots!

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26 Nov - 17:28

Scot Aldred

I’ve only just become interested in sailing outriggers and am about to design and build my own 7m sailing Proa to cruise up and down the Queensland (Australia) Coast.

I do have one question about the sailing Jzerro and that relates to the possibility of capsize when on a starboard tack.  Is it a concern/possibility?

26 Nov - 20:56


Scot, this is probably a question best asked in the forums, where you will undoubtably discover a cornucopia of opinion.

27 Nov - 08:23


Professional Boatbuilder #130 has an excellent article on Russel and his boats—including the outrigger power boat and his ” grasshopper” Tornado based power cat.  Eric Spoonberg’s editorial in that issue is also a must read for boat design forum types!

01 Dec - 16:03

Peter Mirow

Cool video.
Russels friend shoud try sticking a rig onto the power boat, and sail it as a tacking outrigger. Would be a fun experiment.
Thanks for the nice video.

10 Dec - 19:36

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