Multihulls in the Race to Alaska

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The R2AK starting gun goes off in less than two days: June 4, at 5:00 am. Among the fleet of 56 boats due to depart Port Townsend on Thursday morning, nearly 50% are multihulls. Point Hudson is beginning to resemble Plymouth during the OSTAR and St. Malo during the Route du Rhum! The harbor is filling up with the coolest multihulls we’ve ever seen, many purpose built for the race. Not to say that there aren’t very interesting monos as well, but we try to remain focused. If you can manage it, please do come for a visit, you won’t be disappointed.

The general consensus favors the big multihulls… if there is wind. But it has been damp, cloudy and very calm for over a week, and if those conditions persist, a muscle-powered vessel will win the day. As Yoda says:

“The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see the future is.”

Multihulls in the R2AK

Team Y Triamoto: Multi 23 trimaran
Team Terry Thomas Tailored Tomfoolery Twins: 19’ beach cat
Team Golden Oldies: 38’ Crowther Super Shockwave cat
Team Broderna: Corsair F-24 trimaran
Team Blackfish: Corsair F-27 trimaran
Team Elsie Piddock: Farrier F-25c trimaran
Team MOB Mentality: Farrier F-85SR “super racer” trimaran
Team Puffin: Wharram Tiki 21
Team Pure & Wild: Bieker proa
Team Mau: Nacra 570 beach cat
Team John: 19’ Easy rider kayak w/ outrigger and sail rig
Team {“Hexagram 59”}: Hobie 20 beach cat
Team Seawolf: 17’ Windrider Wave hydrofoil trimaran
Team Soggy Beavers: OC-6 outrigger canoe (modified with a sailing rig)
Team Un-Cruise: F-25c trimaran
Team Turn Point Design: Turn Point 24 cat
Team Real Thing: L-7 trimaran
Team Angus: Rowcruiser w/ sailing rig and outriggers
Team Kohara: Warrior 29 cat
Team Discovery: Hobie Adventure Island trimaran
Team Sea Runner: Wharram Hitia 17 (heavily modified)
Team Gold Rush: TriRAID 560 trimaran
Team Traffic: 25’ Class C cat

A nice piece by Small Craft Advisor about the developing scene around the race here in Port Townsend.

R2AK registered participants.

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