Navy wingsail tri up for auction

20 August 2014     Editor    2 Comments.

As part of a government liquidation, the U.S. Department of Defense is auctioning off a 50-foot sailboat to the highest bidder.

But this vessel isn’t what you’d expect from a former Navy craft. The three-hulled, high-performance Contour 50 boat, which is now in Harbor Island, was used for “experimental training and recreational purposes,” according to Liquidity Services, Inc.

Built in the mid 2000s, the craft has undergone some modifications but still has its wing sail, rigging and mast assembly, as well as an inboard 40-horsepower engine. Find it here at with a current bid of $8200. Bidding ends on Aug. 22.


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09 Sep - 21:53

Curtis Clark

Final bid $78000- it costs $2045 per month for the end tie slip at Cabrillo Isle Marina where it is currently moored. I am on the same dock a few slips over

12 Nov - 11:58


Apparently, the $78k purchase failed to launch. The boat was put up for bid again in October. This time it fetched only $33k. Anyone know who bought it?