Project Cheers: 2016 Edition

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We’re pleased to announce that ‘Project Cheers’ - the story of the 1968 OSTAR racing proa - is again in print. A book in three parts, the story of CHEERS is narrated by the three principle players: Tom Follet the skipper, Dick Newick the designer, and Jim Morris, the race syndicate organizer and financier. A very good read, especially for budding R2AK syndicates.

This new edition is a labor of love of of Russell and Ashlyn Brown, of PT Watercraft. Ashlyn collected archival photos from the original sources, scanned and proofed the text, and navigated the complexities of modern digital publishing.

Project CHEERS, 2016 Edition

The 1968 Cheers project will stand as a perfect example of the sort of thing that the Single Handed Transatlantic Race was designed to encourage. I don’t know which to admire most: the extreme unorthodoxy of the boat’s conception, or the strength and simplicity of her construction; or perhaps her wild good looks; or the efficiency with which she was tested, modified, re-tested and then proof tested, or Tom Follett’s impeccable seamanship allied to his rudimentary ocean-going inventory…

—Blondie (H.G.) Hasler

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