R2AK - January Update

30 January 2015     Editor    2 Comments.

Port Townsend’s Race to Alaska made it on the cover of the Rolling Stone Seattle Times this week. It features Seattle’s own Thomas Nielson and Scott Veirs, who will be entering a Hitia 17 with crab claw rig in the event. Both Tom and Scott are experienced watermen, they and their rugged little Wharram will make a formidable team.

However, they are just the tip of the local multihull iceberg forming around the race. Edensaw Woods is sponsoring a team building a catamaran, Turnpoint Design is also working on a cat, and PTWatercraft is building a Bieker designed 24’ proa! So far, it’s a race to build the boats for the race, and simply making it to the starting line will be a big accomplishment.

We’ll keep you updated as progress continues, and barring secret hydrofoils or other black magic, will be bringing you some photos of the boats and the teams as they come together, so stay tuned!

The R2AK is sponsored by the NW Maritime Center.
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02 Feb - 08:03


What a boring world it would be, without these type of characters in it! All hands on deck maties...and mind dem Grizzlies!!! Cheers to All claudio

15 Mar - 14:07

Dan Radice

Interesting design!