Sailing over melting ice

30 May 2007     Editor    0 Comments.

Something about this project has captured my imagination - Sébastien Roubinet is attempting to sail the Northwest Passage (Alaska to Greenland) this summer - yea, SAIL it! Thus far, only nuclear subs and diesel-powered ice-breakers have managed the fabled voyage (a voyage that inspired many an explorer, including Captain Cook’s Third Voyage (thanks to Peter for the correction), who met his bloody end in Hawaii - “stoned” by the irate islanders as a false god…) but thanks to global warming, Roubinet thinks it might now be possible to navigate the passage via sail!

His ingenious vessel is half sailing catamaran, half ice yacht, and somehow it seems appropriate to see Captain Cook’s dream realized by an artifact from the culture that played such a big part in his life, and death.

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