Samwise part 2

24 January 2008     Editor    0 Comments.

There and back again, again.

I fleshed out a few scale drawings of Samwise last week. In keeping with the minimalist theme, I’m doing the minimum of calculations. As you can see, proportions have altered a bit - but form follows function. The goal was to make the hull sides from straight ripped ply - 2’ wide - easy as pie. The straight ply goal meant the crossbeams buried in the hulls had to go, so now they’re lashed or bolted to the deck in beach cat style. The cabin has comfortable sitting/laying about headroom, 2’ beam on the bottom. I’m debating whether I need a solid cabin or not. I could see small dodgers fore and aft, and making him into an open sailing canoe.

Still no rudders, as you can see. I’m quite certain the boat will self-steer as if on rails on most courses, and it would be fun to steer the boat by sail trim alone, and no rudders would save a lot of building time and trouble, but still… rudders are nice.

My enthusiasm for the lug rig has not abated. Masts are only 17’ long! Read more about standing lugs in this Duckworks article by Michael Storer.

LOA: 24’
Length lee hull: 24’
Length windward hull: 20’

BOA: 12’
Beam lee hull: 1’-8”
Beam windward hull: 2’-8”
Interior headroom: 3’-6”

SA: 220 sq. ft.
Rig Height: 22’-8”

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