Self Righting Ocean Rowing Trimaran for the Tasman Sea

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A new ocean rowing trimaran has been unveiled that will attempt a trans-Tasman crossing early next year - from Hokianga to Queensland, and back. Designed by New Zealand firm Lomocean, who also did the MS Turanor PlanetSolar, the boat is claimed to be the world’s first self-righting trimaran.

Their brief was to create something with speed in mind. A trimaran is quick, but presents one major problem.
“It’s quite likely he’ll be rolled in the big seas,” says Lomocean director Craig Loomes. “If it wasn’t self-righting, it would be a danger and we don’t want to send anyone to sea if it would be a danger. We wouldn’t want to send anyone to sea putting their lives at risk.”

We’re guessing the self-righting action works due to the buoyancy of the canopy/fairing on the main hull being greater that that of either float. Thus, when the boat is inverted, a self-generating torque motion is created, and that rights the craft.

Thanks to Paul D. for the submission!

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