Slightly Dangerous Commuter

30 September 2014     Editor    0 Comments.

We’ve become very interested in lightweight, fuel-efficient power multihulls. Slightly Dangerous is a 26’ plywood commuter cat for the San Juan Islands, from Bieker Boats, built by the owners, Gordy and Judy Cole.

Slightly Dangerous is not a kit boat really, but all the plywood and foam parts were NC cut for easy assembly. The hulls are 9 and 6mm Okoume ply, finished off at the bow with a foam crash-box. The deck is 3” blue foam with 4mm ply skins and the house is 6mm.

Lightship weight is approximately 1,653 lb (750 kg), which allows a 20 kt cruise from twin 40 hp outboards consuming 3.7 gal/hr (14L/hr). Top speed is near 30 kts, according to the designer.

Light-weight power multihulls are actually fun to drive, responding to steering and throttle inputs more like a sports car than a typical heavy planing stern-drive cruiser. Another big plus is that they are generally happy at any speed from zero to flat out, and easily lope along in the mid-teens. The downside is that to perform, they should remain long for their weight, so best to leave the Corian® counter tops at home.

See more launch pics on the Bieker Boats blog. Read more about the design here.

Thanks to Galen P. for the submission! Have you seen a cool power multihull lately? Let us know!

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