Tarawa With Spinnaclaw

12 September 2016     Editor    1 Comments.

Gary Dierking is experimenting with the “spinnaclaw” - a crab claw rigging idea that I proposed way back in 2008. It’s pretty cool to see someone take an idea sketch and make it real - thanks Gary! Apparently, there is both good and bad news…

Read about it here on Outrigger Sailing Canoes.

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27 Sep - 14:30

Dieter Brockschmidt

Hi Gary, if you extend the posts of the stem and the stern, you can connect them by an endless rope, which is fixed with both ends to the tip of the crabclaw. With the help of two blocks, attached on top of the posts and a double cleat on deck you can fix the clue at any point between stem and stern according to the strength of the wind ( middle position at low winds, stem position, when the wind is stronger ). Shunting maneuver is possible within 10 seconds; I tried out with my own 20´-proa and it worked well and reliable. I hope you can understand, what I´m talking of; my Englisch is not very good. Regards Dieter