The Endless Vacation

23 June 2005     Editor    0 Comments.

My husband, Barry, and I enjoy independent and isolated nomadic living. So we really thought we had it made 11 years ago when we bought a 40-foot ketch and began island hopping up and down the West Indies. Eight years later, however, we’d both had had our fill. The ketch was a constant expense and every safe anchorage for a boat of that size, we’d found, was too populated by curious natives and/or other ships and yachts for our tastes. “There must be a better way,” we told ourselves. “There must be a way for us to enjoy an endless round of sailing, swimming, fishing, shelling, contact with wildlife, and—most important of all—solitude and privacy. And there must be a way for us to do all this on little more than pennies a day.”

A classic article from the Jan/Feb 1977 Mother Earth News.