The Sultans of Wing

17 December 2014     Editor    0 Comments.

Just to prove that we aren’t complete small boat snobs over here at Proa File, here’s a yacht that’s well over our usual cut-off in length and opulence. This is the sort of thing that Nigel Irens Design has been up to lately, and we have to say it: the A-65 is probably the loveliest luxury sailing catamaran launched since the turn of the century.

The challenging brief from a client in the Emirates was to design a truly exceptional 15.2m (50ft) cruising catamaran that would sail faster than anything of its size to date – other than a pure racing multihull. As the project developed A65 became a 50ft catamaran with 19.8m (65ft) hulls – a move that Irens believes to be a cost-effective way to improve boat speed, safety seaworthiness and comfort.

Nice one Nigel, just change the rules. There is little info on the boat besides that it was built by Abu Dhabi Mar in the UAE, of full carbon fiber construction, and includes a rotating carbon wing mast. We can see that it features a forward sailing cockpit, but unfortunately there are no shots of the interior or lines drawings.  See more here.

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