Trailerable Brine Shrimp in California

17 January 2015     Editor    3 Comments.

Though it doesn’t say in the ad, this 23’ folding catamaran is a Thomas Firth Jones designed Brine Shrimp. Built in 2000, the boat appears a bit rough but the nice thing about plywood boats is that there isn’t anything that a little time and basic wood shop skills can’t fix. The sale includes trailer, sails and 4 hp outboard (that needs a tune up). Find it here on Craigslist in Vallejo, CA for $6000.

From the designer:

Brine Shrimp folds on center line for trailering. She has two single bunks in each hull with 40” of footroom between them, and a drop-leaf table in one or both hulls. She unfolds while being launched, but what with erecting the mast and rigging, installing the rudders, and stowing the gear, two people will need an hour or two for the job.

The single daggerboard works equally well on either tack. It saves space, and simplifies building and sailing. The skipper sits on deck with his legs in the companionway, and sees better and handles sails easier than he would in a cockpit.

A Brine Shrimp could cross an ocean, but more than two people would overload her for such a voyage.

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21 Jan - 02:11


The Brine Shrimp looks to be outstanding value for $6000!

12 Aug - 12:32

Shelley coulson

Is this boat brine shrimp still available?

14 Aug - 12:48


Shelley, the boat was available on Craigslist, not on this site.