Trimaran breaks transatlantic rowing record

07 February 2011     Editor    0 Comments.

Team Hallin has crossed safely from the Canary Islands to Barbados (3000 mi.) in the record breaking time of 31 days, 23 hours, 31 minutes. Congratulations to both the crew and their vessel: an ultra-light, 40’ x 26’ ocean rowing racing tri. Is NO record safe from the trimaran?

‘Team Hallin’ was originally designed and built by ROC Expedition in New York State as ‘Triton’ (with hull design by KHSD), only the second ocean racing multihull rowing boat ever built. The advantages of a multihull over a monohull are: no ballast, no rolling, and increased L/B ratio. The disadvantage is increased windage, so careful streamlining is in order (a feature not readily apparent in ROC Expedition’s latest design, ‘Big Blue’).

CORRECTION 3/9/12: Roy Finlay is the designer of Team Hallin/Triton. Multihull Ocean Rowing

There are paddlers/rowers and there are sailors, and rarely do the twain meet. The only races I know of that mix and match are those run by
WaterTribe and their famous Challenges along the Florida coast. I do know that in the Pacific Northwest summers, the wind always blows from dead ahead, dead aft, or most often not at all, so a human powered vessel makes all kinds of sense. I wonder if a hybrid type craft could work here, a boat that is primarily human powered, but when the wind is blowing your way, take advantage. It’s an idea as old as the Nile, but there’s always another way to approach it.

Team Hallin’s charity is Combat Stress.

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