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Multihull designer Bernd Kohler has thus far been solely devoted to catamarans, but his latest design is for a simple small trimaran, logically named LITTLE TRI. I like Bernd’s work because he places simplicity of build and economy high on the list of design priorities, and yet still manages to come up with appealing boats. His latest is a classic example, where he sidesteps the usual trimaran complexities by employing a readily available local industrial product for the outriggers, instead of building up the amas from scratch out of plywood. It’s much the same approach that SE Asia takes with their outrigger canoes, building the amas from readily available bamboo, and Bernd does make the point that LITTLE TRI is closer to that model than the modern, high buoyancy ama trimaran.

This example is the first LITTLE TRI built by an owner/builder.

Via Small Trimarans.

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30 Dec - 17:02

Ronald E. Gillis

I bought these plans, but having a little trouble getting the Oakume and aluminum tubing . they all want to cut it in shorter pieces to ship to me or I can't buy the plywood because the shipping is as high as the wood it's self. I will keep on gathering, just may take me longer. . I may make me some laminated birds mouth arms until I find the aluminum. I just don't want to get too far away from Mr. Bernd Kohler's great design

01 Oct - 04:18

Dieter Brockschmidt

Instead of okoume you can take simple 4 mm birch plywood or multiplex sheets, covered with epoxy and 200g glass cloth it is even better than okoume and also cheaper. Instead of aluminium tubes you can take irrigation tubes made from PVC, coat them with epoxy carbon or glass ( cheaper but heavier ) fiber sleeve squeezing out surplus material by rolling adhesive tape ( about 2,5 cm broad, otherwise you get too much wrinkles ) when the epoxy is still moist. In addition of two or three layers of 6 mm kevlar rope ( breaking load 2000 kp ) you get ultra light and strong beams. Regards Dieter