Wharram Tiki 26 on Orcas Island

18 August 2014     Editor    9 Comments.

The Wharram Tiki 26 is a true micro-multihull cruiser. It features the now classic Wharram attributes of plywood/epoxy construction, deep V hull, no keels or boards, lashed beams, open and high bridge deck, and the Wharram “wing sail” sloop rig. The design is probably the most popular of all Wharram’s boats, and several examples have crossed oceans in safety. Find this one here on Craigslist in Deer Harbor, WA, for $6000. If the boat checks out, this could be a steal of a deal.

This example of the lovely Tiki 26 was hand-built in Canada in 2003 and brought to the US by a previous owner. Her Jones Act Waiver paperwork has been approved, and she is legal to operate as an uninspected passenger vessel (6-pack) in the US. She will also continue to be a legal recreational vessel. She was last hauled and surveyed in September of 2012. She includes a 6hp extra-long shaft Tohatsu outboard.

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18 Aug - 17:41


WOW!...if she is well built and in good shape the price is a steal! Absolutely amazing the kind of deals that are out there right now. Just make sure you have a place to keep it that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. That's the number one issue in these days of over-the-top marina fees. Sooo tempting... claudio

18 Aug - 20:32


I know! What would it cost to build one of those new today? This is a crazy good deal.

19 Aug - 07:06


Michael, you just asked the million dollar question! A wild guesstimate...if one wanted an ocean capable vessel and therefore was using quality materials...would be no less than $20 grand. That could include start up tools worth about $500 and a new outboard to push the thing uphill. But there is another million dollar question that most people might not be aware off. I certainly wasn't and it blindsided me completely. (I'll be posting about it on my YouTube channel, because it is so important). The BIG expense once one has a boat is where to keep it! Here in the Victoria/Sidney/Gulf Islands area, any shore front that has useful access for boaters has been snapped up by marinas/tour operators/speculators. Marinas in the Sidney/Victoria area average around $13 ft per month!!! Parking? Sure, for extra bucks. Hook ups? You bet...but it will cost you. Okay...so you could keep it in your back yard, right? Yeah, but every time you want to use a boat ramp, you're out $10 or more. Anchor out? Sure. But good luck finding a place to dinghy in and out off. Sorry...didn't mean to go on...but a boater really needs to do his real world numbers before jumping in. I didn't with Sweet Aloha and it's causing mucho grief. Onward and upward though! Cheers for now, Claudio

19 Aug - 09:21


Claudio, the point about the high cost of water access is a good one. It's a problem the world over, and getting worse. Chris Grill described on his excellent blog how the beaches of small fishing villages in Mexico are gradually overrun by the private villas of the Mexican elite. What's a frugal canoe sailor to do?

21 Aug - 23:22


" ... small fishing villages in Mexico are gradually overrun by the private villas of the Mexican elite. What’s a frugal canoe sailor to do?" Sell the canoe and buy a printing press and a gun and start agitating for a revolution. Then wait for the CIA to turn up and accept their money and their offer to be their 'inside guy' in the new revolutionary movement. Take the CIA money and leverage it by buying more guns and recruits and call yourself the the Popular Opposition to Oligarchy and Plutocracy (POOP) and declare you are going to liberate the people of the local province from violent government oppression by causing the deaths of lots of them. Sit back and wait for the mining conglomerates to compete with each other in throwing money at you for the mineral rights in said local province. Take the highest bribe, . . . sorry, development partnership and abscond with the loot and a few thugs to protect you. Dial up the Vatican and ask Francisco what the going rate for a ticket into heaven is these days (just in case - Plan B) and head for the beach (Plan A). Buy previously lusted after prime beachfront property, change your name to Vincente Fox and hope the CIA or the mining company thugs don't find you. If all goes well, you can now rebuild your canoe and sail it again without having to worry about the cost . . . maybe.

22 Aug - 07:39


James!!! Such a dastardly simple, obvious plan. You'd think someone would have already done something like that! Thank God the Governments and Religions are there to look out for us... : ) Hoist dem sails maties... c

22 Aug - 13:13


"Amen" to that, brother!

13 Oct - 20:55

Jonathan White

If she's still for sale, I'll buy her tomorrow. I owned a 41' Wharram 30 years ago and am close to Orcas. Any assistance greatly appreciated...

12 Jan - 22:19

MARREC Guillaume

Hello, I just saw your advertising about a Wharram boat for sale, the Tiki 26. I would be very interested in having a few pictures of it if it was still for sale. Could you also give me the price it is sold and the location it is held. Thank you for your help and time Regards Guillaume .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)