When frogs fly

13 November 2010     Editor    0 Comments.

Americans may have made the first sustained powered flight, but the French will be the first to fly a sailboat over a few meters above the waves. It’s bordering on a national obsession, with l’Hydroptère being the world’s fastest and highest flying sailboat to date, but hydrofoils are just baby steps. The French dream big.

Designed for Renault, the “Zep’lin” by industrial designer Damien Grossemy is a hypothetical vehicle to explore the new range of electric vehicles. Featuring a vertical architecture, the concept vehicle by the French designer can change direction quickly and land anywhere without the need of infrastructure.—Design42Day

Bernard Smith would have been proud. He invented the “Sailoon” over twenty years ago. See how I just snuck in that an American actually invented the idea? Petty, I know. Actually, I think Chris Van Allsburg thought of it first, in The Wreck of the Zephyr - 1983. Anyway, whoever gets the patent, the French are on track to actually realize the dream. Come to think of it, maybe Jules Vern was there way before anyone. I’ve heard said he was French.

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