26 November 2017     2 comments

A Modular Touring Walap

Jan Stute and Siegfried Wagner have designed and built a modular camp-cruiser proa that was recently exhibited at Hanseboot in Hamburg. The design is based on a classic Pacific island sailing canoe, or walap, including a crab claw sail and deep-V asymmetrical hull, though realized in modern plywood and epoxy. The hull comes apart into three sections to make storage and transport more flexible.

We like the optional canoe dinghy, which…

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31 August 2017     0 comments

Proa Construction in Greece

Alex Calothis has submitted his progress on a proa build in Greece.

I grew up in Athens and learnt to sail on optimists when I was about 8, and I have loved sailing ever since.

My father built a 6m catamaran around that time, and it was very fast, but would not turn very easily - long narrow hulls with very little rocker. We often had to perform a three point turn to get her around!! Still, she was a lot of fun. Later he bought a…

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Proa construction

03 March 2017     1 comments

Almost Hit a Tree

BROOMSTICK is a 15’ home-designed & built hydrofoil trimaran by Doug Halsey. It first sailed as a foiler in 2004 and has been refined gradually each year since then (only sailing a handful of times per year). Although it wasn’t intended to be the ultimate in speed, it routinely exceeds 20 knots, with a lifetime best speed of 28.7 knots. Box section hulls, round aluminum tube beams, deep-V hydrofoils and used beach cat sails - what’s…

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04 February 2016     0 comments

Russell Brown Refits a G32

Russell Brown of PT Watercraft is refitting a venerable Gougeon G32 in his shop this winter, and best of all, he’s blogging all the details! Sort of like hanging out in his shop, but a lot better because he’s still able to actually gets stuff done. If you’ve ever wanted to see how carbon fiber, epoxy and a vacuum bag all come together to make multihull magic (and who hasn’t?) then head on over to

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16 November 2014     0 comments

Best In Show

Congratulations are in order for Larry Haff who won Best in Show - Contemporary Class at the Mid-Atlantic Small Boat Festival in St. Michaels, Maryland. He entered his cedar strip-planked Ulua outrigger canoe, a design of New Zealand based Gary Dierking. Via Gary’s blog: Outrigger Sailing Canoes.

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Larry Haff's Ulua

01 September 2014     1 comments

Proa Luca Antara nearing completion

Luca Antara is a new 20m (65’-6”) proa nearing completion in Sagres, Portugal, and will be ready for sea trials early 2015, according to the owner and builder, Robin Warde. The hulls are strip-planked western red cedar sheathed in fiberglass both inside and out, with extra carbon fibre strengthening where required - mostly around the masts - but also around the beams. Most of the rest of the boat is built of foam. She features a…

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Luca Antara 1

19 August 2012     0 comments

Der Kanu Mann

Der Kanu Mann is René Richard Hohmann, a German boatbuilder/artist who is building Pacific proas like Stradivarius built violins. If you’re into wood working perfection and sailing canoes (and who isn’t?) then these examples are masterpieces. See more of his work at

There is a curious German affinity for the canoes of Oceania that perhaps harken back to an unwanted gift:

In 1900-1930, one in twenty of all postcards of…

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Hohmann proa

20 January 2012     0 comments

Can your trimaran do this?

“Dr. Frank” Smoot is the ultimate DIY sailor. He began his sailboat design career in 2009 with this and has progressed to this in only two years. His latest is the most ingenious small trimaran I’ve ever seen. If he continues at his Moore’s Law rate of improvement he should be building America’s Cuppers out of plywood/epoxy in about 6 months.

I want to make it clear right up front that I am definitely not a professional boat builder…

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a DIY tri in progress

30 November 2009     0 comments

A proa for Ariadne

Maestro proa designer John Dalziel has an interesting new project - an 8m proa “workhorse” for the Greek Isles.

On the Greek island of Naxos, fabled home of Dionysus and Ariadne, Helmut Mueller is building an 8 meter proa. Unusually for its size, it is actually a half-displacement model of a 10 meter proa Helmut intends to build. However, we decided it was best to build the 8 meter model first and test it thoroughly. Besides being a…

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8m plans

30 May 2008     0 comments

Bamboo Boatbuilding

Bamboo is a material with excellent engineering qualities that has so far been useful to boatbuilders mainly as a source for spars. In this article, Richard Emmet proposes processing bamboo for marine plywood.

I held a sample of interior grade bamboo ply in my hand and it took less than two seconds to decide that I could build boats out of this stuff. I could not believe how light it was! And it felt about as stiff as steel. Of course…