17 January 2006     0 comments

New canoes from Selway Fisher

Prolific English designer Paul Fisher at Selway Fisher has some new stock canoe designs of interest to Proafile readers:

18’ stitch and tape Waka Ama (Hawaiian outrigger canoe) LOA 18’ (5.49m);  Main hull beam 1’7” (0.49m); Overall beam 5’11” (1.8m) Approx. wht 140 lbs (64kg) in 6mm ply.

Tikopian 24 - based on the 18’ Waka Ama and uses the same stitch and tape plywood construction process. She has 4 seats plus stowage compartments…

31 March 2005     0 comments

A bloody fine first day with a crab claw 2

Part Two of Wade Tarzia’s epic first sail with a crab claw rig.

Bleeding while you are swimming is disarming and kind.  What seems to be water dripping in my face is actually something horrific—that it never stopped dripping should have clued me in, but I’m still pondering that nth dimensional paradigm.  Somewhere a baby is crying.  I know this sounds like a cliche because, in all the bad novels, as soon as something interesting…

30 January 2005     0 comments

A bloody fine first day with a crab claw 1

Part One of an account originally posted on the ProaFile Discussion Group. We all thought it was a wicked good story. By Wade Tarzia.

My girlfriend tells the story about her father who saw someone waste a few hundred dollars on some unworkable scheme, and he wisely observed it had been money well spent because “how often can you get a lesson that lasts a life-time for just a few hundred bucks?”  My own father, well, I think he would…