30 May 2007     0 comments

Sailing over melting ice

Something about this project has captured my imagination - Sébastien Roubinet is attempting to sail the Northwest Passage (Alaska to Greenland) this summer - yea, SAIL it! Thus far, only nuclear subs and diesel-powered ice-breakers have managed the fabled voyage (a voyage that inspired many an explorer, including Captain Cook’s Third Voyage (thanks to Peter for the correction), who met his bloody end in Hawaii - “stoned” by the irate…


14 March 2006     0 comments

FatCat 21

Chris Ostlind presents a catamaran design for plywood stitch and glue construction that continues the Manu Kai theme.

Just a few months back, our Proafile host, Michael Schacht, introduced a set of concept illustrations for a very nice, 23’ Hawaiian flavored catamaran called Manu Kai.

Michael’s vision was at once elegant in the manner in which it honored traditionally styled Hawaiian sailing vessels and it provided a set of unique…

Fatcat 3quarter stern

17 November 2005     0 comments

SIG 45 performance cruising cat

Le Breton Yachts is promoting an interesting project: the SIG 45 performance cruising catamaran. Interesting to me, because it is one of the first legit multihull attempts to play in the Wally sector: very refined, very stylish, very fast, and very expensive. The design guns are high calibre: Van Peteghem Lauriot Prevost (VPLP), Bjorn Johansson for the interior, and even Bruno Peyron as technical consultant. The impetus or the yard…

Sig 45

26 July 2005     0 comments

C/S/K Hula Kai restoration

Frank Russell found this 1963 vintage C/S/K catamaran at a California dock in 2003 - in need of some love. He took it home to Long Island, and undertook a complete restoration - the fine result was relaunched June 2005, and christened Hula Kai. Read about the project here.

Hula kai

25 June 2005     0 comments

Wharram Islander 55 Launched

Check out the new pics of Wharram’s latest - launched in Indonesia. The yacht will most likely sail to Europe around the Cape of Good Hope, to be used for charter in the Mediterranean and/or Caribbean. It reminds me of a double-hulled Turkish gulet or Arab dhow. James Wharram Designs

Islander 55

18 June 2005     0 comments

The yacht design firm of C/S/K

An appreciation of the catamarans designed and built by the firm of C/S/K—or Rudy Choy, Warren Seaman and Alfred Kumalae.

The yacht design partnership of C/S/K was responsible for some of the finest ocean sailing catamarans ever built. The firm was active in the 1960’s - a decade of creative innovation everywhere - but especially in the amped up cultural milieu that was California.

They rode a remarkable wave of opportunity that…

Manu Kai

11 May 2005     0 comments

Wharram GRP Tiki 8m catamaran announced

James Wharram Designs has announced the completed prototype of a new production moulded GRP catamaran: the Tiki 8m by Multimarine Composites Ltd. “The design features gently curved V section canoe hulls with stern hung rudders on skegs. A wingsail sloop rig with boomless mainsail provides a low centre of effort for increased stability. With a trampoline forward, and GRP bridgedeck tray with self draining trampoline seats, it also has a…

17 March 2005     0 comments

Rustic Schooner launched

The Nigel Irens designed “Rustic Schooner” catamaran was launched from Constellation Yachts in January 2005. I really like this boat - it proves that modern multihulls don’t all need to be hi-tech spaceships. “Sequoya” is a 64’ LOA x 28’ beam day charter cat built from plywood - and it’s one of the few big cats that will actually improve the view of the harbor in which it’s anchored. Check out the photo gallery at Constellation Yachts.

Rustic stern