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A loaf of bread and proa

Epicure. noun. a person who takes particular pleasure in fine food and drink.

Belgian-French yacht designer Daniel Charles (Tahiti Douche) has launched a new proa, designed for sailors of “the third age” AKA “active seniors” (Charles is 61). The 38’-7” (14.5m) Epicure is intended to be a comfortable floating home suitable for a three week cruise. I know little else about the project, except other primary dimensions are - beam: 23’-6”…


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Documenting the history of modern multihulls - before it’s gone

The Searunner Rides Again

One of the nicer surprises of 2010 has been the resurgence of multihull pioneer Jim Brown. His classic The Case for the Cruising Trimaran is available once again, and his personal memoirs of modern multihull history and lore are coming soon. The forward to Volume One is pure Jim Brown, and if this is just a taste to wet the appetite, consider mine wetted:

If the ancient outrigger canoe seems to us now an…

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Phil Bolger, 1927-2009

Philip Bolger took his life yesterday, and poor as I am at eulogies, Philip was a man worth eulogizing. Perhaps the most influential small boat designer in the world, Phil encouraged and inspired a host of would be builders and designers to pick up pencil and paper, plywood and epoxy, and get to work on their dreams. His design attention ranged across the board, and even though his boats were sometimes called homely, it is perhaps only…

Phil Bolger

30 August 2008     0 comments

The proas of J. S. Taylor

The proa designs of Australian designer J. S. Taylor have been the subject of many an interesting discussion on the proa_file list over the years. Taylor, an East European immigrant to Oz in the 50’s, had several of his provocative articles published in the yachting press of the day, both locally and internationally. Taylor was one of the first to advocate the proa as a serious yachting alternative, and his imperious tone combined with…


14 June 2008     0 comments

The relaunch of CHEERS

The French love all things historical and nautical, so it makes perfect sense that they have become the curators of the first Atlantic proa in the world: the “giant killer” CHEERS. Today, he is kept in Port Saint Louis by Vincent Besin and the French government, which has declared him a “monument historique”, one of less than 100 small craft, and the only multihull. CHEERS was relaunched last week, at a ceremony that included his…