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15 August 2014     14 comments

1955 Time Machine - Woody Brown Catamaran

This is an interesting time capsule - a 1955 Manu Kai class 20’ catamaran, designed and built by the legendary Woody Brown. According to the seller, the original owner has passed away. He special ordered the boat direct from Honolulu and it was made specially for him. The catamaran has been stored inside and has not been used for years. From the included paperwork:

Manu Kai Catamarans are built to the highest construction standards by…

1955 Manu Kai 20 by Woody Brown

29 July 2014     3 comments

An original podcat

The 32’ Podcat was designed and built by D. Kirk Fuller in the late 1980’s. The iconoclast cat was featured in the March/April 1988 edition of Multihulls Magazine in a story written by Jim Brown. Apparently Jim and I were among the few who liked the design, because few, if any, were ever sold. Innovative in its day, the Podcat featured all composite construction with fiberglass truss beams and a carbon fiber free-standing mast. To…


18 July 2014     0 comments

Dock Ranger: David Barker Dream Cat

Whenever we drive by a marina, we almost always have to duck in and take a quick look, to see if there are interesting multis lurking about. It’s called walking the dock, and the online version is perusing Craigslist and brokerage ads. When we stumble upon something interesting, we’ll post it here as Dock Ranger.

Sundreamer is the iconic performance cruising cat designed by New Zealand artist David Barker, and built by he and Fiona…


27 March 2011     0 comments

Modern Primitive: 16’ Wharram Melanesia

Editor’s Note: Occasionally I get requests to post ‘For Sale’ notices on proas or other interesting multihulls, which I’m happy to do because I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to sell such ‘personal’ watercraft once it becomes time to move on, and besides, it helps counter-balance the somewhat “whimsical” content often found here! So if you own a much loved and quixotic multihull that needs a new berth, feel free…