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Renaissance of Lady Godiva

The first sail of Lady Godiva in a quarter century. The Richard Newick designed proa was built in Martha’s Vinyard by Rory Nugent, for the 1980 OSTAR. Now owned by Anne and Paul Buttin.

Thanks to Frederic M. and Golden Oldies Multihulls for the submission.



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Early Cat Racing in California

Before Steve and Linda Dashew became famous for their innovative blue water cruising yachts, both power and sail, they raced catamarans at the center of the growing multihull movement - Southern California in the early 60’s. Steve has put up a page at Set Sail with some great archival images of the catamaran racing scene back in the day. Rudy Choy, Warren Seaman, Bob Reese, Mickey Munoz, Phil Edwards, they knew and raced them all. Go…

Beowulf VI

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Viking XX - the solar road proa

I’ll bet you didn’t know a proa won second place in the first solar race ever held in the United States! Originally called Sunrayce USA, the first race was organized and sponsored by General Motors in 1990 in an effort to promote automotive engineering and solar energy among college students. The original, 1,800 mi (2,900 km) Sunrayce USA route started at Disney World in Orlando, Florida and ended at the General Motors Technical Center…

Viking XX

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Multihulls to Bermuda

The early Multihull Bermuda Races, 1969-1983, of Manley C. Williams, M.D., narrated by Christian Williams.

Part 1 of this two-part family video features the 1969 race from Coney Island and the 1972 event, which began at Newport. Scenes include Phil Weld; Bob Harris; air-sea rescue; repair at sea; life aboard and views of the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club, the fleet host in Bermuda.

Multihulls to Bermuda Part 1 from Archive of…

Try Me in the Bermuda race

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Documenting the history of modern multihulls - before it’s gone

The Searunner Rides Again

One of the nicer surprises of 2010 has been the resurgence of multihull pioneer Jim Brown. His classic The Case for the Cruising Trimaran is available once again, and his personal memoirs of modern multihull history and lore are coming soon. The forward to Volume One is pure Jim Brown, and if this is just a taste to wet the appetite, consider mine wetted:

If the ancient outrigger canoe seems to us now an…

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Tahiti Douche

Vintage racing proa in the Caribbean!

A 58’ vintage Atlantic racing proa has become available in the Lesser Antilles. ‘Tahiti Douche’ (also campaigned as ‘Lessives Saint Marc’) was launched in June 1980, to compete in short-handed races across the Atlantic such as the TwoSTAR. One of the few racing proas to survive the carnage of that period, he’s been sailing ever since in the idyllic trade winds of St. Martin.

‘Tahiti Douche’ was…

Tahiti douche

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Proas through the ages

My buddy Lee picked up this ancient artifact for me recently: How to Build 20 BOATS, a Fawcett 50 cent publication from 1943. It’s reprinted material from Mechanix Illustrated, and it happens to include the PLYWOOD PROA by Hi Sibley. Aside from the historical value (nearly equivalent to King Tut’s Tomb) I find it interesting that:

1. In all the years since then, plywood is still the preferred construction material for amateur boat…

1943 cover

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The proas of J. S. Taylor

The proa designs of Australian designer J. S. Taylor have been the subject of many an interesting discussion on the proa_file list over the years. Taylor, an East European immigrant to Oz in the 50’s, had several of his provocative articles published in the yachting press of the day, both locally and internationally. Taylor was one of the first to advocate the proa as a serious yachting alternative, and his imperious tone combined with…


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The relaunch of CHEERS

The French love all things historical and nautical, so it makes perfect sense that they have become the curators of the first Atlantic proa in the world: the “giant killer” CHEERS. Today, he is kept in Port Saint Louis by Vincent Besin and the French government, which has declared him a “monument historique”, one of less than 100 small craft, and the only multihull. CHEERS was relaunched last week, at a ceremony that included his…


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The yacht design firm of C/S/K

An appreciation of the catamarans designed and built by the firm of C/S/K—or Rudy Choy, Warren Seaman and Alfred Kumalae.

The yacht design partnership of C/S/K was responsible for some of the finest ocean sailing catamarans ever built. The firm was active in the 1960’s - a decade of creative innovation everywhere - but especially in the amped up cultural milieu that was California.

They rode a remarkable wave of opportunity that…

Manu Kai