20 August 2011     0 comments

Hydrofoils on proas

This is Patrick Cudmore’s Seaflier, a solid wing, canted rig, hydrofoil proa built in 1984.

Neither hydrofoil sailboats nor canted rigs are particularly new, but Cudmore’s lightweight proa-configured craft with its cantilevered, articulating wingsall and inverted, elliptical arch, surface-piercing foils offers a glimpse of a future made possible by sophisticated design and strong but light composite plastics. -Keith Taylor, SAIL…


07 May 2011     0 comments

Edmund Bruce was right

Back in the 70’s, Edmond Bruce was cobbling together wind tunnels and test tanks out of duct tape and bailing wire, conducting sailing experiments that were published in the Amateur Yacht Research Society newsletter. Think of him as the ‘Doc Brown’ of sailing and you won’t be too far off. The guy was a genius, one of those who could think “Fourth Dimensionally”.

His primary claim to fame is the invention of an inclined hydrofoil…

Bruce foil proa