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21 May 2011     0 comments

Angus Rowcruiser

Angus Rowboats have completed their latest project - a coastal cruising rowboat. 19’ stitch and glue ply, 175 lb. fully rigged, the boat features an enclosed bunk, a clever cockpit table and galley, and small floats that attach to the rowing outriggers to create a stable platform for lounging and cooking while at anchor.

To make a rowing boat that could have the comfort of a small cruising sailboat, yet offer the performance of a…

Angus Rowcruiser

15 December 2010     0 comments


Othmar Karschulin of Multihulls.de has recently launched Kalapuna, an 8m proa of his own design. The new boat is a Pacific proa with crab claw sail, flat bottom hull, and two retractable rudders similar to Russell Brown’s Jzero. Designed for coastal sailing in warm Aegean waters, the boat was built in Othmar’s garden in a small fishing village in Southern Turkey. Construction is plywood, fiberglass and epoxy, with home made spars of…


25 June 2005     0 comments

Wharram Islander 55 Launched

Check out the new pics of Wharram’s latest - launched in Indonesia. The yacht will most likely sail to Europe around the Cape of Good Hope, to be used for charter in the Mediterranean and/or Caribbean. It reminds me of a double-hulled Turkish gulet or Arab dhow. James Wharram Designs

Islander 55

17 March 2005     0 comments

Rustic Schooner launched

The Nigel Irens designed “Rustic Schooner” catamaran was launched from Constellation Yachts in January 2005. I really like this boat - it proves that modern multihulls don’t all need to be hi-tech spaceships. “Sequoya” is a 64’ LOA x 28’ beam day charter cat built from plywood - and it’s one of the few big cats that will actually improve the view of the harbor in which it’s anchored. Check out the photo gallery at Constellation Yachts.

Rustic stern