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24 December 2013     0 comments

Outrigger Junior from CLC

Quick on the heels of the proa Madness, John Harris of Chesapeake Light Craft has announced the new Outrigger Junior as the latest member of the CLC stable. A 15’ plywood stitch-n-glue sailing outrigger, OJ is car-top-able, beach-able, tack-able, build-able and afford-able, so maybe not so crazy after all. Special thanks to Proafile reader Brian P. for the submission!

Inspired by Warren Seamen’s Malibu Outrigger, this boat is truly a…


23 December 2013     0 comments

A Cunning Plan

Paul Bieker has announced that study plans are now available for the 32’ Jester class proa - a collaboration between himself and Russell Brown. This design has already got the interest meter pegged in the forums and this will only turn it up to eleven.

Paul Bieker Proa

25 November 2013     0 comments

50’ Proa by Julien Marin

This intriguing Pacific proa is from the board of French naval architect Julien Marin. LIttle is known about the design except it is 50’ long and the cassette rudders sit in rotating cylinders, permitting an adjustable draft while maintaining rudder control.


22 May 2013     0 comments

Va’a Motu, a Tahitian Sailing Canoe

Gary Dierking has completed plans for his new Va’a Motu, a 20’ Tahitian-style sailing outrigger canoe. As usual for Gary Dierking’s work, the boat is a clever amalgam of traditional Pacific design and modern construction materials and methods. The canoe features a low, wave-piercing bow and a tall, upswept stern, wave-piercing ama, and a high aspect, fully battened marconi rig. Plans are US $135.00 plus $15.00 for international air…

Va a Motu

12 November 2011     0 comments

James Wharram Designs Amatasi Launched

The team of James Wharram and Hanneke Boon launched their latest child, Amatasi, on Oct. 12, 2011. The award winning design, a 27’ double canoe is intended to be a practical and sustainable coastal fishing boat. As a proa designer, I certainly appreciate the elegance of the fine canoe sterns on this design, though I do find it somewhat ironic that it embraces the quarter rudder for steering, a design that harkens back to Viking long…

Amatasi 27

03 November 2011     0 comments

16m Cruising Proa by James Brett

Aukland based marine designer James Brett as turned out a tantalizing rendering for a proposed 53’ (16.2m) offshore cruising proa.

The bridgedeck cabin includes a double sea berth, full galley and saloon, while the main hull contains two double cabins, and the head. The workings of the boat are the same as my Free Radical design, using the same well proven rig and rudder systems. Construction will be in plywood with ply/balsa laminate…

16m cruising proa concept

28 August 2011     0 comments

The logic of Madness

John Harris of CLC has taken delivery of his screaming yellow 31’ proa ‘Madness’ from Sea Island Boatworks in Charleston, NC, and says he’s looking at about a month of fitting out before the maiden sail.

Madness was inspired by, and designed in direct consultation with, proa guru Russell Brown.  The design is a fusion of his 30-foot plywood Jzero design from the 1970’s, his more-refined cold molded 36-footer Jzerro, from 1993, and my…

Madness on trailer

22 June 2011     0 comments

Evergreen - a Fast Expedition Catamaran

This year’s WoodenBoat Design Challenge III, “A Fast, Expedition Sailboat”, is a theme near and dear to my Proafile heart. Last winter, I was working up a design that fit the parameters pretty well, so when Canadian designer Laurie McGowan suggested we enter the contest, we chose EVERGREEN, a 6m (19’-8”) camp-cruiser cat. We had to really push to make the May 29 deadline but in the end we got the packet in the mail and had a great time…

Evergreen sketch

28 June 2008     0 comments


The Sixteen Foot Beach Cruiser Catamaran

Multihull beach cruisers are something I spend a little too much of my time thinking about, and it’s nice to discover kindred spirits. Ray Aldridge of Florida has progressed considerably beyond the thinking stage and built one of the sweetest little beach cruisers I’ve ever seen. Slider is well named, squeezing between the fantasy island of sailing nirvana and the rocks of economic/bureaucratic…


14 March 2006     0 comments

FatCat 21

Chris Ostlind presents a catamaran design for plywood stitch and glue construction that continues the Manu Kai theme.

Just a few months back, our Proafile host, Michael Schacht, introduced a set of concept illustrations for a very nice, 23’ Hawaiian flavored catamaran called Manu Kai.

Michael’s vision was at once elegant in the manner in which it honored traditionally styled Hawaiian sailing vessels and it provided a set of unique…

Fatcat 3quarter stern