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Beauty Matters: the boats of David Trubridge

Celebrated New Zealand artist and designer David Trubridge has turned his creative attention back to boats, where it all began. Trubridge studied naval architecture in his native England, and sailed his small family on a journey that took them to the Caribbean and Polynesia, working their way from place to place, eventually landing and settling in New Zealand. His wooden furniture and lighting designs are now exhibited and sold in…

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Gary Dierking Interview

Duckworks has a nice interview with one of our favorite canoe designer/builders.

When did you become a boat designer and what was your first real design? I started drawing boats when I was about eight years old, and I built my first one at fifteen from a photo in a magazine. That first project was an eight foot lake scow with an underbody similar to the current Puddle Ducks…

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Tamanu in Fiji

13 December 2014     2 comments

The Launch of Arpex

After a seven year build, Peter Mirow has launched ARPEX, his self designed and built 30’ tacking outrigger in Rio de Janiero. We’ve followed his progress over the years on his blog, and we’re nearly as happy as he is to see the great day finally arrive. Cheers, and congratulations!

Great day! What else can a man want, then to design, and build a boat, and see it floating on its lines? Hahahaha!

See more pics of the launch here.

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The launch

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Best In Show

Congratulations are in order for Larry Haff who won Best in Show - Contemporary Class at the Mid-Atlantic Small Boat Festival in St. Michaels, Maryland. He entered his cedar strip-planked Ulua outrigger canoe, a design of New Zealand based Gary Dierking. Via Gary’s blog: Outrigger Sailing Canoes.

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Larry Haff's Ulua

07 September 2014     2 comments

Multihulls at the 2014 Port Townsend wooden boat festival

Every year in September, Port Townsend turns itself into a virtual Victorian seaport bristling with wooden masts, steam funnels, pirates, boatbuilders and sailors, the smell of tar, varnish and frying cod, and thousands of tourists soaking it all in. The odd multihull is occasionally found nestled between the ratlines and the bow sprits… this is what I saw this year.

The only “multihull” to claim bonafide antique status was the 16’…

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Festival overview

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Va’a Motu, a Tahitian Sailing Canoe

Gary Dierking has completed plans for his new Va’a Motu, a 20’ Tahitian-style sailing outrigger canoe. As usual for Gary Dierking’s work, the boat is a clever amalgam of traditional Pacific design and modern construction materials and methods. The canoe features a low, wave-piercing bow and a tall, upswept stern, wave-piercing ama, and a high aspect, fully battened marconi rig. Plans are US $135.00 plus $15.00 for international air…

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Va a Motu

26 November 2011     0 comments

More than zero

Russell Brown has posted a new (Sept. 2011) video to the PT Watercraft Channel on Youtube. It features some excellent sailing footage of his proa Jzerro, as well as some running shots of a cool power outrigger that Russell designed for a friend to use as an aquatic pick up truck in the islands. The outrigger is powered by a 20hp outboard and goes about 18 knots!

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Wild ride in the power outrigger

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Modern Primitive: 16’ Wharram Melanesia

Editor’s Note: Occasionally I get requests to post ‘For Sale’ notices on proas or other interesting multihulls, which I’m happy to do because I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to sell such ‘personal’ watercraft once it becomes time to move on, and besides, it helps counter-balance the somewhat “whimsical” content often found here! So if you own a much loved and quixotic multihull that needs a new berth, feel free…

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Gary Dierking’s modular canoes

Gary Dierking is a small craft designer inspired by the native canoes of the Pacific islands. He started out with some elegant cedar strip versions of a Micronesian proa and a Hawaiian outrigger, but it is the “three board canoes” that I admire most. From Gary’s site:

In the late 1800’s, when sawn lumber began to appear in Hawaii and other Pacific islands,  the local canoe builders immediately saw it as an easier way to build…

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Gunnar's double canoe