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Thinking outside the triangle

Here are a couple of new boat designs with rigs that harken back to the days of working sail. The trimaran is a Dick Newick design for a cargo/passenger lug rigged schooner, for the Vaka Fanāua project, the second is a 60m yacht designed to evoke the romantic image of a dhow.

The lug rig was a favorite of Phil Bolger because it combines short spars, sturdiness, simplicity, thrift and aerodynamic power. The first five of these virtues…

Newick trimaran

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David Keiper’s Williwaw

Using archival footage, the Int’l Hydrofoil Society has made a short video of David Keiper’s hydrofoil trimaran Williwaw. David built the first flying hydrofoil cruising sailboat in 1970 and subsequently cruised her all over the Pacific. The boat and the voyages are detailed in Keiper’s Hydrofoil Voyager, which is being republished on Amazon this summer.




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Can your trimaran do this?

“Dr. Frank” Smoot is the ultimate DIY sailor. He began his sailboat design career in 2009 with this and has progressed to this in only two years. His latest is the most ingenious small trimaran I’ve ever seen. If he continues at his Moore’s Law rate of improvement he should be building America’s Cuppers out of plywood/epoxy in about 6 months.

I want to make it clear right up front that I am definitely not a professional boat builder…

a DIY tri in progress

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Multihulls to Bermuda

The early Multihull Bermuda Races, 1969-1983, of Manley C. Williams, M.D., narrated by Christian Williams.

Part 1 of this two-part family video features the 1969 race from Coney Island and the 1972 event, which began at Newport. Scenes include Phil Weld; Bob Harris; air-sea rescue; repair at sea; life aboard and views of the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club, the fleet host in Bermuda.

Multihulls to Bermuda Part 1 from Archive of…

Try Me in the Bermuda race

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Trimaran breaks transatlantic rowing record

Team Hallin has crossed safely from the Canary Islands to Barbados (3000 mi.) in the record breaking time of 31 days, 23 hours, 31 minutes. Congratulations to both the crew and their vessel: an ultra-light, 40’ x 26’ ocean rowing racing tri. Is NO record safe from the trimaran?

‘Team Hallin’ was originally designed and built by ROC Expedition in New York State as ‘Triton’ (with hull design by KHSD), only the second ocean racing…

Team Hallin

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Astus Trimarans

The Golden Mean on three hulls

Chantier Astusboats in France is producing a range of small trimarans that appear to successfully navigate the conflicting and dangerous shoals inherent in small boat design, especially multihulls. The boats are compact, simple, speedy, trailerable, comfortable, cruiseable, and even competitively priced! Thanks to Laurie McGowan for the heads up.

The Astus 20.1 was introduced in 2004 at the Salon de la…


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Spark: a three-hulled Rozinante

Spark is from the drawing board of Richard Newick - which he describes as a “three-hulled Rozinante”, and I couldn’t agree more. It’s as if the spark of Herreshoff’s inspiration was passed along and reinterpreted through Newick, resulting in this outstandingly elegant trimaran. These images are of Jim Conlin’s Damfino, launched last June in Westport Point, MA. She seems a perfect steed for sailing the coast, perhaps tilting at a few…