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Sweet Aloha…some thoughts so far…


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Hello Everyone,

After 5 weeks worth of build time Sweet Aloha was launched.
Down below is a Youtube vid of her first real sea trial. Motor only… no sailing rig.

Some thoughts so far…

1)Proa/Outrigger setups make GREAT power boats. Light. Low HP. Economical to run. Fast. Stable.

2)Stitch and glue/ply-epoxy is still the way to go for light, stiff, reasonably priced quick builds.
1/4 inch, marine plywood (NOT fir!) is a joy to build with.

3) I really like the plumb bows! Easy to build and they part that water effortlessly. The wake, too, is clean and smooth…even at high speeds.

4) I would make the main hull 24 ft long instead of 20 next time around. Why bother with an extra cut of ply? The ama would remain at 16 ft.

5) Round, aluminum crossbeams caused some grief and extra work. They will be square sectioned next time around. (And…maybe… made of wood…to make connections easier).

6) The 8 HP, extra long shaft, 2 stroke motor is plenty powerful. Could have gone smaller, but a good turn of speed can come in handy sometimes. If you have the $$$...go for a newer 4 stroke.

7) I went really low tech on my tools this time around. BIG MISTAKE !!!
Please…don’t even consider a build without…
a) A decent angle grinder…This is a “MUST HAVE” time saver ! 
b) A good portable drill. 
c) A good orbital sander. 
d) A good jig saw.
e) A top of the line respirator.

You don’t need much else. The above (other than the respirator) can be found in most pawn brokers or on Craigslist at very reasonable prices.

I’ll be posting more videos on my YouTube site as we flesh out all the pros and cons of the wee boat.

Happy boatbuilding everyone!
Aloha for now,


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Thanks for the update and your thoughts on the build, Claudio.

I’ve been following your YouTube videos with great interest. Thank you very much for going to the trouble of making and posting them.

The picture and description of the catamaran with the two different bows was a revelation to me. What a simple and ingenious idea to test the theories!

It’s very interesting how your thoughts on the beams and the cabin changed with experience. The value of building something relatively small and cheap, eh?!

Looking forward to more on your trip. Bon voyage, Claudio, and to Captain Jack, too smile


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Thanks for the videos and postings Claudio, I have been following and am really enjoying them.

I may have missed it somewhere, but is Sweet Aloha going to be given a sail rig?

Looking forward to your future videos.



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Thanks for the comments guys. Much appreciated.

SA will be without a sailing rig for a while. Summer is moving fast, so I want to enjoy some water time before the weather turns.

By the way…I checked out the cost of a 20ft slip at marinas around here. The average quote was $250 - $300 a month!  What a joke! A couple of pylons stuck in the mud is worth how much??!!  How did boaters allow PUBLIC waterfront to get so outrageously out of hand?

Needless to say, there’s no way I’ll be supporting that system.
I’ll be checking out some Government Wharfs, because the government NEVER knows what it’s doing… and they are usually unaware of who’s tied up or not   : )  You gotta love it!

Cheers for now,