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An asymmetric icebreaker


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Asymmetric powered boats aren’t that common. There are a few examples that can be found: the Venetian gondolas for example, and also the lop-sided powered cats produced by Aspen Power Catamarans. Here’s another example:

The “Baltika” is a newly-launched icebreaker.  Designed and built by the Arctech Helsinki shipyard in Finland, for a Russian client, this is the first example of an oblique icebreaker - that is, its designed to move through the ice at an angle.  Quite different and clever, and also quite obvious but only once the idea is made known.

Sometimes its good to think outside of the box.

    Wikipedia - Baltika (icebreaker)

    Wired Magazine - March 2013 - Russian ship smashes ice sailing sideways

    gCaptain - A Powerful, and Unusual Icebreaker

    AAPG - If you Clear It, They Will Come

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Thanks for posting this!

I love the “divergent” thinking behind this icebreaker.

I would love to have chat with the people designing this boat. It is always very interesting with people that go of in a totally new direction.



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