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~~PACIFIC BEE~~[ex CIMBA]    For Sale


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Aloha Proafans,

For sale [ privately ] due to larger build.  Pacific Bee ex Cimba Russell Brown 38’ speedster.

its on a trailer in the Netherlands, as such can be towed away ,as such delivered by me in Europe.
alternately can be loaded in a 40ft high cube container and shipped worldwide.

It has to get a serious new home, and requires an experienced sailor, I won’t sell to just anyone.

its Pacific Proa heritage that requires a dedicated owner.

only than drop me a mail;  info at   azurspeed dot com   when you think you’re up to it,  O , before I forget , its not for free.

Cheers Sven


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Ooookay, Sven…how much? grin And what’s he building in there?