The Proafile forums are now closed.

The forums opened on Nov. 1, 2011, and operated until Aug. 31, 2014. There are 400 topics on all aspects of proa and outrigger canoe design, history, construction and sailing, which remain online as an archive.

A New Road for the Forums


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“The forum is dead, long live the forum!”

It is my pleasure to announce that a new proa forum is springing from the ashes of the old. Marco Nikander (Manik) has taken the initiative to host and administer the brand spanking new! grin

I encourage everyone to head on over and check out the new place. The new forum is built using phpBB - the standard in open source forum software, and no doubt familiar to internet “old salts”. It’s a great relief to know that the community is in good hands and that it will continue. I’ll see you there!

Please be aware that the new Proaforum is not a part of or affiliated with in any way. The old forum content will remain online as a resource archive.

Michael Schacht
Editor | Proa File


All I want to know is are we coming or are we going?